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Princess Pocahontas & The Blue Spots – Monique Mojica

“In the play, Mojica focuses on the journey of Contemporary Woman #1 as she tries “to recover the history of herView full post »

Almighty Voice and His Wife – Daniel David Moses

This is a Two-Act Play. The first takes place in the times of the Metis Resistance, featuring the characters AlmightyView full post »

The Book of Jessica – Linda and Maria

Jessica is the main character and about her growing up, with the people around her an within her constantlyView full post »

Annie Mae’s Movement – Yvette Nolan

This is play written about the happenings and the what could have been in the real-life story of Annie May Aquash, anView full post »

fareWel – Ian Ross

This play follows the mis-adventures of a crew of people from an imaginary reserve, Partridge Crop Reserve. The peopleView full post »

Where the Blood Mixes – Kevin Loring

Wwwwwwwww. I devoured this book. It’s very quick paced, which I adored, as I find that’s aView full post »

alterNatives by Drew Hayden Taylor

alterNatives is a play written by Drew Hayden Taylor. The main characters are Angel and Colleen. Angel is aView full post »