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Reasoning Together: The Native Critics Collection

from the publisher: “Reasoning Together proposes nothing less than a paradigm shift in American Indian literaryView full post »

Magic Weapons – McKegney

from the publisher: “Magic Weapons examines the ways in which Indigenous survivors of residential schoolView full post »

Taking Back Our Spirits – Episkenew

from the publisher: “Taking Back Our Spirits traces the link between Canadian public policies, the injuries theyView full post »

(Ad)dressing Our Words – Ruffo

from the publisher: “This critical anthology of essays by Aboriginal academics provides an in-depth analysis ofView full post »

Keeping Slug Woman Alive – Greg Harris

from the publisher: “This remarkable collection of eight essays offers a rare perspective on the issue ofView full post »

Troubling Tricksters – Eds. Reder & Morra

from the publisher: “One of the objectives of this anthology is, then, to encourage scholarship that is mindfulView full post »

The Inconvenient Indian – Thomas King

from the publisher: “Thomas King offers a deeply knowing, darkly funny, unabashedly opinionated, and utterlyView full post »

The Imaginary Indian – Daniel Francis

from the publisher: “The Imaginary Indian has been, and continues to be―as Daniel Francis reveals in thisView full post »

Stories In A New Skin – Keavy Martin

from the publisher: “Author Keavy Martin considers writing, storytelling, and performance from a range of genresView full post »