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The Creative CV


PhD English, UofS, Saskatoon, SK
Fall 2013 – onwards
Supervisor: Dr. Kristina Bidwell
Currently a fourth year in my PhD program, focusing on Family Stories and Kinship within my home reserve of English River First Nation.

MFA Creative Writing, UBC, Vancouver, BC
Supervisor: Keith Millard and Richard Van Camp
Thesis: a 190-page YA novel focusing on traditional Dene legend of shape shifting, using First Nation language and oral traditions. Minored in Poetry.

BA Honours, UofS, Saskatoon, SK
English Major, specializing in Aboriginal literature and 20th Century Poetry and Prose. Minor in Native Studies.

Creative Writing Diploma, St. Peter’s College, Muenster, SK
Two year Creative Writing Diploma in its’ inaugural year.



Photographer/Owner, sweetmoon photography, Saskatoon, SK – WWW.SWEETMOONPHOTOGRAPHY.COM
Feb 2012 – onwards
A multi-genre natural light photographer that focuses on Indigenous portraiture within sessions, weddings, cultural events, community events and art sessions. Works throughout Canada.

Founder/Blogger, tea&bannock – WWW.TEAANDBANNOCK.COM
Jan 2016 – onwards
Created and participate in a collective blog of Indigenous women photographers from across Canada. Currently creating safe spaces for Indigenous women to discuss ideas about inspiration, culture, language, cultural responsibility and what it means to be a Indigenous woman in Canada.

PRISM international Contest Manager, UBC, Vancouver, BC
Updating and maintaining mail-out information for three annual writing contest, contacting winners, shortlist and participants through email, reading and selecting entries, other duties as needed.

Editor, In Media Res, St. Thomas Moore, Saskatoon, SK
Provided a guiding hand to editing, producing and publishing a finished copy of a bi-annual literary journal.

Intern, Sage Hill Writing Experience, Saskatoon, SK
Completed reports, filed documentation, made contacts, provided support for development of writing camps, readings and grant support.

Editorial Board, In Medias Res, St. Thomas Moore College, SK
Attended weekly meetings, approved work, slight editing, helped in final production layout and distribution.

Editorial Board, the Society, St. Peter’s College, Muenster, SK.
Founding member of the Society, attended bi-weekly meetings, read and approved potential work, slight editing, planned a reading to celebrate new journal.



“World Indigenous Business Forum 2016: Innovative Youth Panel.” – Co-Panel Speaker
August 2016.
Spoke with Business Forum and Community about work with sweeetmoon photographytea&bannock, PhD studies and how to innovate and create with other Youth Panelists at the WIBF taking place in Saskatoon, SK.

“Indian Women, Yo’ – Representations of Indigenous Women in Film.” – Guest Lecturer
September 2015.
Lectured on the history of Indigenous women’s portrayal in mainstream movies, as well as presenting Indigenous films and how Indigenous women are presented in those films. English, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.

“Claiming Back Our Images.” – Guest Lecturer
February 2015.
Lectured on re-claiming visual identity through social media, the breaking down of stereotypes and positive reinforcement by Indigenous peoples. English, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.

“Images of the Indian.” – Guest Lecturer
February 2015.
Lectured on stereotypes – specifically First Nation Stereotypes – and how they came to be within art, photography, music and film and identified key problems of these stereotypes and how stereotypes continue to affect cultural relationships today. English, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.

“Indian Love Poems and PhD Aspirations.” – Guest Speaker
March 2014.
Speaking about the series Indian Love Poems and positive representation of Indigenous sexual identity, as well as personal journey of obtaining higher education. University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.


CREATIVE PUBLICATIONS (writing + photography)

#IndianLovePoems, by Tenille K Campbell
Editor Garry Thomas Morse. Signature Editions. April 2017.
– mahhhhhh first collection of poetry focusing on the celebration of Indigenous erotica with humour and cringe-worthy truthfulness

Cover Image: Urban Indigenous Woman.
A Recognition of Being, Second Edition. Reconstructing Native Womanhood. Kim Anderson. Women’s Press. April 2016.
– cover photo featuring model Trisha Tupper in inaugural Urban Indigenous Women’s Series, in Saskatoon, SK, in 2014.

“City Girls.” 78-83.
Urban Tribes: Native Americans In The City. Co-Editors Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Leatherdale. Annick Press. October 2015.
– featuring photography of cousins Maggie and Michaela for an Urban Indigenous Youth session.

“Grad: Just the Beginning.” 114-117.
Dreaming in Indian: Contemporary Native American Voices. Co-Editors Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Leatherdale. Annick Press. September 2014.
– featuring photography of Dene and Metis Graduates from Northern Saskatchewan.

“of Earth”
Kimiwan. Issue Two.
April 2013.

“Metis Man,” “Out of Earth,” Traditional Love Poem,” and “Indian Love Poem”
– poems accepted for Neal McLeod’s newest anthology on Emerging Aboriginal Writers, Spring 2017 through Thistledown Press, titled “Cîhcêwêsin: new writing from indigenous Saskatchewan”.

“Home” – Rougarou Fiction Piece, tentative title
– accepted for publication for collective of Metis Stories, coming out in late 2013 from UofA. Collection unnamed.

“Vancouver Airport, Gate 2B”
Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas. Ed. Allison Hedge Coke. Arizona Press. 2011.

The Ubyssey, First Nations Issue. “Our Words.” 2009/11/26.

“Rita Bouvier: Culture Shock and Blueberry Clouds”
In Medias Res, Volume 5, Number 1, 2006

“Pow Wow Experience” + “Small Dreams”
In Medias Res, Volume 4, Number 2, 2005

“his side” + “compass”
the Society, Spring 2004



An Evening of Poetry with Marilyn Dumont
March 2017.
Saskatoon Poetry Reading at The Stand, with keynote poet, Marilyn Dumont. Select #IndianLovePoems were read, opening act with Mika Lafond.

#IndianLovePoems: Walpole Edition.
October 2015.
Community reading for at Walpole Island First Nation, ON for the Women’s Shelter and community.

March 2015.
Final Event for Kimiwan. Guest Speaker focusing on #IndianLovePoems and short discussion of translating oral to written text.

“The Program of Legal Studies for Native People Comedy Fundraiser.”
February 2015.
Comedy Fundraiser, with Dakota Ray Hebert and main comedian Myles Morrison, reading #IndianLovePoems.

“iskwēwak osci sohkīciwan sīpīy: Women of Saskatchewan.”
October 2014.
Artist’s Showcase, curated by Carol Greyeyes. Hosted by Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance and Sask Native Theatre Company, as part of the Intertribal Gathering. Reading select #IndianLovePoems.

Kimiwan: Issue #7.
July 2014.
Launch of Issue #7 of Kimiwan, focusing on Saskatchewan-based writings and artwork. Reading select #IndianLovePoems.