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“Hickies. Messy hair. Fry bread and sticky syrup. And the laughter – that giggling behind your hand, head tossed back, clapping your hands kind of laughter. These are the stories that you tell on Sunday morning about what happened Saturday night.

Covering Indigenous adventures from Walpole Island to Northern Saskatchewan to the coast of Vancouver, #IndianLovePoems is a poetry collection that delves into the humour and truths of love and lust within Indigenous communities. Sharing stories in search of The One, or even better, that One-Night-Stand – this collection fearlessly sheds light on the sharing and honesty that comes with discussions of men, women, sex, and relationships, using humour to chat about the complexities of race, culture and intent within relationships.

From discovering your own John Smith to sharing sushi in bed, #IndianLovePoems will make you smile, shake your head, and remember your own stories about that special someone.”

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“Tenille Campbell is reclaiming Indigenous body, heart and sexuality. These love poems are naked, bold and unashamed. They are birds taking flight over clear waters, wolves running wild and howling desire at the full moon; they are the northern lights dancing in the night sky.” Rosanna Deerchild, Host of Unreserved with CBC Radio 


“Tenille Campbell lets you swipe left and right in this fabulous debut collection that explores the delicious and the depressing in contemporary dating, sex and relationships. These poems reveal the messy and magical truth of what our bodies and brains whisper to us in the name of loathing, like and love.” — Dina Del Bucchia, Author and  amazing podcast co-hot of CantLit


“Indigenous women everywhere will identify with the tales of tribal intertwining, kissing cousins, and those uncharted territories of interracial affairs in #IndianLovePoems. This collection of fiercely funny, provocative and powerful poems  gives honour to Indigenous women, whose dreams and desires have had little space on the written page. This book is one to keep on your nightstand for years to come.” — Lisa Charleyboy, Author and social entity Urban Native Girl 


#IndianLovePoems takes you out of your comfort zone into a place that is both mysterious and disturbing, and ultimately quite beautiful. By turns sensual and profane, erotic and playful, the poems in this collection explore the sacred flesh in a voice that is clear, confident, and honest. Entertaining and witty, accessible yet profound, #IndianLovePoems heralds the arrival of a new and powerful voice in Indigenous literature.” — Donald Ward, Author and Editor